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World Earth Day: How You Can Make a Difference

Aurora Borealis in Norway during winter season.

World Earth Day: How You Can Make a Difference

On World Earth Day we celebrate the beauty of our planet. Learn what you can do to make this world a better place today.

World Earth Day: How You Can Make a Difference

Every year across the globe, more than one billion people are asked to remember their role in maintaining and protecting, the planet we live on. Every year on April 22, Earth Day is a pressing reminder to be more environmentally friendly.

This could mean decreasing our carbon footprint by reducing our time on the roads, volunteering for various environmental organisations or installing clean energy at home. The event, which began five decades ago, was initially started to protest a devastating oil spill. This powerful event is heralded as being the beginning of the global environmental movement.

The event soon grew and reached popularity on a global scale. Now coordinated by non-profit Earth Day Network, World Earth Day, hopes to rally people together to make a difference and encourage big corporations to follow suit.To learn what events are taking place near you, Google has put together an interactive map, which you can see here.

But of course, you can always do your bit for the environment every day of the year with our top tips to staying green:

1. Walk to as many places as possible, cycle or use public transport to limit your carbon footprint.

2. Recycle.

3. Use non-plastic reusable water bottles.

4. Buy local produce, grass fed meat and GMO free foods.

5. Use natural or chemical-free cleaning products where possible.

6. Plant a tree.

If you needed any more inspiration to protect our beautiful planet than look no further than these incredible images.


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