World Asthma Day: The global burden of asthma


World Asthma Day: The global burden of asthma
Despite the drop in asthma-related deaths worldwide, the respiratory condition is still inhibiting the lives of more than 80% of the people who live with it

There have been great strides made over the last 25 years in treating asthma and helping people manage their condition better. But, many are still struggling with how to live with their asthma, or how to best treat their asthmatic child.

Held on the first Tuesday of May, World Asthma Day hopes to brings attention to and educate people about how to live life to the fullest as an asthmatic. This year’s theme hopes to kick-start people’s attitude towards better managing their asthma, and is aptly titled: ‘it’s time to take control of your asthma.’

“The results from our survey of more than 600 people illustrate that behind the improving statistics asthma is still having a major effect on the community,” said Michele Goldman, CEO of Asthma Foundation NSW.

According to emerging studies, over 50 per cent of adults took time off work for their asthma in the last year, with 50 per cent taking up to five days off. Similarly, 80 per cent of parents surveyed had taken time off work to care for an asthmatic child.

“Our results confirm that there are many people struggling to manage their asthma  which is having a major physical, psychological, economical and social impact on people’s lives,” said Ms Goldman.

“If asthma is well-managed, people should be able to live full and active lives and achieve almost anything.

“We recommend that those who find asthma is affecting their work and personal lives should consult their GPs for a review of their condition and medication.”

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