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Women more successful at chasing their dreams

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Women more successful at chasing their dreams

The stats don’t lie – women's perseverance and determination makes them more successful when pursuing their goals

Women more successful at chasing their dreams

Women are apparently trumping men in the go-getter stakes with a whopping 95 per cent versus the latter’s 80 per cent being more effective at chasing their dreams. Females are also more likely to pursue a dream or significant goal (76 per cent versus 71 per cent) rather than males according to a new survey by AMP.

Perseverance and determination were highlighted by women as contributing to their success, with 81 per cent stating that was the main determining factor of their success. This was followed by hard work (64 per cent), time (36 per cent) and family support (34 per cent).

Men on the other hand weren’t so quick to praise their family’s input, with only 29 per cent crediting their support as helping them achieve success.

More men believed their hard work (72 per cent) helped them succeed, followed by perseverance (71 per cent) and time (36 per cent).

Jeff Ruscoe, Chief Customer Officer, at AMP said, “While hard work is important when wanting to achieve your dream, it’s clearly perseverance and determination which are the secrets to success.”

Unsurprisingly, lack of time was a statistic that was significantly higher for the women (50 per cent) compared to men (32 per cent) for those whose goals didn’t quite work out. Also, 30 per cent more women said the main reason was down to lack of access to finance (80 per cent versus 50 per cent).

The survey also revealed men held more regret than women if they didn’t pursue a dream (38 per cent versus 25 per cent). However more women said fear and insecurity held them back (34 per cent compared to 28 per cent).

Both sexes (70 per cent) thought a cash injectin of $10,000 would definitely get them started on a successful journey towards their dreams.

It’s never too late to achieve a dream according to women (81 per cent), whereas only 70 per cent of men felt that way.

Do you pursue your goals?

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