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Why You Should Shop Second-Hand

Why You Should Shop Second-Hand

Many people avoid second-hand shopping because of the belief that it’s weird to wear someone else’s clothes, or that the clothes sold are in bad condition and won’t look nice when they’re worn. However, it seems fast fashion may be behind these discouraging thoughts, telling us that unless something is new, it’s not worth our time or money. But it’s time to leave our reservations around second-hand shopping in the past, and change the way we think for the sake of our wallets, closets, environment and other human life.

Why You Should Shop Second-Hand

Cue a new perspective on shopping second-hand, a choice that allows us a great amount of freedom if we let it.

There are many different forms of second-hand clothing, from consignment, vintage, thrift, hand-me-downs and swapping clothes with friends. It’s not only a chance to save a bit of money, it’s also an opportunity to mix up your style and get creative.

Here are a few reasons why you should give second-hand shopping a go…

It will save you money

Shopping ethical fashion brands can be more expensive than what you’re used to because of our consumer habits. Ethical fashion is all about investing in a few, great quality pieces that you will have in your wardrobe for years to come. Shopping second hand allows you to shop for cheaper styles that you might want last minute or those pieces that are more colourful + unique compared to your investment styles.

It prevents waste

If second-hand shops didn’t exist chances are that the well-loved pieces that you no longer want in your home, but have lots of life left, would end up in a landfill. Therefore shopping second hand gives clothing new life no matter which fast fashion brands might have created the garment originally. The item is already in circulation and needs to be cared for.

It’s a chance to give something new life

When we wear an item that has already been produced, we are giving it a new life. Through being mindful of choosing used over new when possible, we can create new habits and small ripples in an industry that is overproducing. And in the long run, repurposing these items will help us slowly diminish waste in our own life.

It’s a chance to get creative

We live in a world obsessed with appearances. By buying second hand we can demonstrate that we care less about trends and fad fashion, and more about creating a unique personal style that won’t negatively impact the planet. If we start habits now to promote reusing, rewearing and recycling clothing, change will trickle down for generations to come.

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