Where you should sit on a plane if you hate turbulence

By Carmarlena Murdaca

Where you should sit on a plane if you hate turbulence
If you hate stomach-churning turbulence, then there are specific areas where you should sit on a plane that can offer a less bumpy ride. 

Where you should sit on a plane

Whilst booking early and discussing your concerns with flight staff can help ensure you enjoy a worry-free flight, research suggests that the best seats on the plane for reduced turbulence intensity are those directly over the wings of the plane.

This typically means somewhere between rows 10 and 30, but check with your airline for the exact rows, as they vary by aircraft. The wings of the plane keep it flying smoothly, whereas the tail of the plane can bounce around me.

According to Bruno Gillissen, an airline pilot, the “zones in front of the plane are ahead of the centre of gravity, which is somewhere between the wings in the front section.”

He also confirmed in his Q&A with Quora, that the back of the plane was the worst section because “the elevator is working hard to try and restore things to the way they were.”

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