When Your World Turns Upside Down

When Your World Turns Upside Down
When the unimaginable happens – a health setback prevents you from working – home loans, bills and living expenses still have to be met. That’s why it pays to have income protection cover.

Imagine you, or someone close to you, has been diagnosed with a serious or even terminal condition. Your world – and theirs – starts crumbling. That, says Sovereign’s Chief Customer Officer Sharron‑Moana Botica, is “the moment of truth”.

As New Zealand’s largest life insurer, Sovereign has a customer-focused vision: to provide certainty and support when a key event happens to a customer that impacts them and those around them.

“It’s part of Sovereign’s DNA,” Botica says. “We know first-hand how traumatic and life-changing cancer, for example, is on the patient and the people who love them. We are there for our customers throughout this difficult time in their life to help them achieve their goals, whether it’s reaching a good quality of life, getting back to work or simply enjoying the time they have with their family.”

Botica’s team of case managers has over 100 years of experience. “It’s a unique skill, helping with the rehabilitation of customers so they can recover.” The process begins as soon as Sovereign is notified of a customer’s condition. “Our team will assess the situation and whether it fits within the terms of the policy. We then start working on a rehabilitation plan, which is customer-specific.”

“What’s key for us is early intervention,” she adds. “The sooner we know, the sooner we can see what kind of support we can give that customer throughout the process.” To make things easier, Sovereign assigns a case manager to meet the customer in their home or somewhere else familiar. 

The company is actively involved in the treatment. “We have two doctors on staff, which means we don’t have to create wait-periods in the process and that’s important to us.”

For Botica and her team, it’s not just a question of signing a cheque and walking away. “This is a very long-term commitment. We have good access to leading practitioners across New Zealand, and there’s regular contact between our case managers and our customers.”

“Life insurance is the most difficult period,” Botica admits. “Our experienced team is empathetic, understanding and incredibly supportive.”

Sovereign’s commitment is not just restricted to its customers, either. “We work with a number of charity partners who provide essential services within the wider community, including Look Good Feel Better, Youthline and Sweet Louise. These groups make a huge difference in our country and it’s a privilege to work alongside them.”


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