Collecting with The Stars


Collecting with The Stars
If money was no object, would kind of collector would you be? Objet d'art – or something more practical? MiNDFOOD chats to some celebs about what they're acquiring. Some of their answers may surprise you.


I really love antique furniture so I have a lot of it. I would say mostly 19th Century English antiques, but nothing too antique or delicate, because it needs to be used. I have a little bit of a collection of English and French Magelica that I love, but even that, I don’t have too much of because you never know who is going to knock it over and break it. I do have some art, and I enjoy a lot of California Plein Air artists,and other art that, Raymond Masonis an artist that I’ve collected, has produced.


Suri and I do a lot of art projects together so I collect those and put them on my wall. I suppose you could say that I collect shoes but I don’t have a specific collection. I do collect dishes. Weird, I know.


I am collecting photography and I’d like to buy a painting but I haven’t found something that I love. I have Sugimoto who I love and I have his water (seascape) series. He also has a theatre series of photographs but I can’t afford it. That would be my dream. I love collecting things from the 1950s. I love that energy and history. Maybe I was born in the wrong time.


I used to have quite a nice collection of books and then you realise it’s better to put them back into the world to be read than just to keep them on a shelf to remind you that you’ve read it,you know. I don’t really collect anything. I mean, Legos, if that counts. Having three kids I have a massive collection.


I love collecting antiques and finding little bits and bobs that I’ve collected over the years but now with a 3-year-old everything’s just covered in glitter and there’s a massive pink pop up tent in my kitchen, which really ruins the aesthetic completely. But antique-wise, I like it to be eclectic. I’ve always been kind of drawn to Art Deco cabinets and that style I think is beautiful. But then I also love finding rustic old 18th Century furniture and I have a piano that’s pretty old in my house.


I collect mostly things kind of of sentimental value. I just read this book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Have you heard of this book? It’s a bestseller book. It’s really good. It’s very good. It’s very challenging because it asks you to touch everything in your home and ask yourself if it sparks joy. And if it doesn’t then you’ve got to give it the heave ho. So I’ve been trying that. But I do find it very difficult. I’ve kept stuff I wore in my first play, that was like my mother’s nightgown. I get very attached to things. I love books. This book says you should only have a couple books, which is sacrilege to me. I can’t imagine throwing away my books. But I’m working on it. I also collect a lot of plants. I always like to have things growing. That’s pretty much it.


I collect paintings and sculptures. My taste is very eclectic.


I don’t really collect anything. I love art and photography, I think that’s what I would run to save if my house was falling down, I would get the art and the photography. But I am not much of a possession person. I don’t really care about things that I own. The older I get, the less I care. I like to have a home that feels comfortable and I really like beautiful things. I like beautiful sheets for example, and I really like having nice sheets that feel good. But as I have gotten older, I think I just care about it less and less and the freedom of not having things, is of more interest to me than the burden of having things. I have art in my home that I love, I absolutely love it, but that idea of collecting seems like something I don’t do.


I like old things, vintage things, antiques. My friend runs an antique store in London so I get most of my things from her. When I lived in New York I used to love going to flea markets and collecting random things like old movie posters of films I’d never heard of and I’d put them on my wall.


I realise I’m starting to get old because I’ve begun collecting china. China! I get it from the Netherlands. So now I’m setting the table and really enjoying it.


I collect memories


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