What is the ‘333 Method?’ The ultimate packing hack for your next trip


What is the ‘333 Method?’ The ultimate packing hack for your next trip
Own up. Are you an under-packer or an over-packer?

Do you always forget your swimsuit or battle with excess baggage fees for unnecessary items? Do you often return home from a holiday with clothes still unworn, or a dressy pair of shoes never having received an outing?

Packing stress is enough to counteract the relaxing nature of a getaway!

For those of us that are on the side of over doing it “just in case”, a new packing hack gaining popularity could hold the answer.

What is the ‘333 Method’?

The  “333 method” is a dedicated packing approach that aims to cover off all your outfit needs and is designed to fit easily into a suitcase – perhaps even a carry-on.

How to do it?  Choose three tops, three bottoms and three pairs of shoes to create different outfit combinations.

The idea sounds basic but social media is currently awash with people showing how they make the 333 Method work for them.

Through the idea of a capsule wardrobe has been around for years, the “333 Method” has been attributed to TikTok creator Rachel Spencer, who posted about trying the idea back in October, sharing a number of stylish combinations using a small selection of clothes.

She packs three bottoms – a skirt, leather pants and jeans, three tops – a tank top, a shirt and a cardigan, and three pairs of shoes including boots, sneakers and dressy flats. In total, the fashion influencer creates 19 outfits with her nine wardrobe staples.

She shares in subsequent ‘333’ videos how to choose which items work best with the method and how to adopt the concept in everyday life, rather than just for travel.



guys did i find the 12 3 30 of getting dressed??? 🤪 #capsulewardrobe #falloutfits #tryon

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The idea is admittedly easier to do during a season that doesn’t require bulky items like coats or wet-weather attire, but the concept is to keep things simple and choose garments that mix and match seamlessly.

To keep things looking great, invest in good quality basics and take items like fine-knit merino wool that wear well and don’t need constant washing.

If the strict guidelines are too hard to work with, use the 333 Method as a starting point and add in one or two other versatile items like a blazer or long-sleeved turtleneck. Choosing pieces that can be layered is also key. A knit dress (bonus points as it doesn’t require ironing!) or a statement necklace are also easy additions that change up the look and don’t take up too much space.

A final tip is to select neutral shades that work together and alternate light and dark hues. White, tan, black, navy and mid-blue denim are great options.

And if you can’t renounce your over-packing ways? Choose a stylish tan trench coat and extra jewellery and boots and wear them on the plane!

Would you try the 333 method?


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