What is Mitochondrial Health?


What is Mitochondrial Health?
Fuel your cells for better wellbeing.

We caught up with MitoQ founder Greg Macpherson to discuss how you can maintain healthy mitochondria.

What is mitochondrial health?

Mitochondria are the cell’s principal site of energy metabolism and the main source of adenosine triphosphate, cellular fuel. They’re responsible for intracellular signalling and are involved in programmed cell death. When mitochondrial function is disrupted, oxidative stress can disrupt many of these processes and damage to other cellular components. Almost all disease is known to be either a consequence or a cause of mitochondrial dysfunction.

What are the latest developments?

Mitochondrial-targeted antioxidants, such as MitoQ. With age or certain health conditions, our mitochondrial antioxidant supply diminishes. Mitochondria produce their own antioxidants internally, and there is no inbuilt mechanism to get more. MitoQ replenishes reserves. It increases energy production, reduces free radical damage and restores mitochondrial function to youthful levels. Mitochondrial function can be tested in Dunedin with the new Seahorse XF Analyzer.

Read about Professor Warren Tate’s research and the new Seahorse technology.



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