What is cosy cardio? The trending workout you can do at home

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What is cosy cardio? The trending workout you can do at home
A more relaxed approach to movement, cosy cardio is intended to be a more gentle, nurturing, enjoyable everyday activity.

Cosy cardio is a trend that sees people working out in a comfortable space and usually at a leisurely pace.

It can also mean getting your heart rate up in a way that feels good  to the person doing it. For example by wearing pajamas rather than expensive exercise gear, or putting on soft lighting and your favourite music that doesn’t involve the thumping beats of a busy gym

If you struggle to keep up with fitness with a busy schedule, or in the winter months, cosy cardio, which has accumulated over 10.9 million views on TikTok, could be your solution.

ProtectMyBike’s CEO/Founder Mark Brown has shared some insight into the trend.

“Cosy cardio, such as indoor cycling and low-impact aerobics, has gained popularity because it offers a comfortable and accessible way to stay active,” he says. “It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a gentler workout and may have joint concerns or mobility limitations.

“The cosy atmosphere of indoor gyms or home workouts is appealing to many, making it an attractive option especially when the weather is wet.  Despite its leisurely pace, cosy cardio provides cardiovascular benefits, helps with weight management, and supports overall health without putting excessive stress on joints.”

The expert adds that the benefits of cosy cardio include “cardiovascular health, calorie burning, stress reduction, and the convenience of being able to exercise in a comfortable environment”.

Additionally, Mark has shared his dos and don’ts for cosy cardio:

Do set a cosy pace

First things first, you need to make sure you start slow.

“Start slow and gradually increase the intensity to prevent injury. Pausing to stretch can enhance your overall experience,” he recommends.

Do stay hydrated

As with any exercise, it is vital that you stay hydrated.

The founder says, “Hydrate throughout your cosy cardio session to maintain energy levels.”

Do avoid distractions

Use cosy cardio as a form of me-time.

“Don’t let distractions, such as texting or using your phone, take away from the tranquil experience of cosy cardio,” Mark advises.

Don’t push yourself too hard

Cosy cardio is supposed to be leisurely, not gruelling.

“Cosy cardio should be enjoyable, not exhausting, so there’s no need to push your limits,” the expert states. “It’s more about relaxation and enjoyment than intense exercise. Overexertion can lead to burnout and injuries.”

Don’t skip warm-ups

Just as you would with any other exercise, it is important to warm up.

He says, “Warm-ups and cool-down exercises are key to preventing muscle strains and cramps.”

Don’t compare yourself

Cosy cardio is supposed to be relaxing, so try to avoid comparing yourself to others.

“It’s easy to compare your progress with others, but it’s important to focus on your own journey,” Mark recommends.


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