Why You Should Trust Your Gut


Why You Should Trust Your Gut
A new campaign aimed at reducing the risk of bowel cancer is encouraging people to trust their gut and get symptoms checked.

Did you know that over 65% of us will experience uncomfortable gut symptoms in any three-month period? These symptoms range from bloating, cramping, constipation, diarrhoea, blood in your stools, unexplained tiredness and unexplained weight loss.

To promote the importance of paying attention to your gut health, Australian organisation the Jodi Lee Foundation has partnered with three experts in the fields of health, wellbeing and nutrition, Dr Ginni Mansberg, Reece Carter and Themis Chryssidis, to launch a nationwide campaign called Trust Your Gut.

Designed to raise awareness of bowel cancer, the Trust Your Gut campaign encourages people to act on their gut instinct when it comes to noticing symptoms. Kathryn Quintel, CEO of the Jodi Lee Foundation, explains the personal impetus behind the campaign. “My father died of bowel cancer ten years ago, and my mother has also battled the same disease”, she says. “Bowel cancer doesn’t always present itself with symptoms until it’s too late. We want all Australians to be aware of what the symptoms are so they act quickly if they are experiencing any of them. Put simply, we want you to ‘trust your gut’ and talk to your GP if you have unusual gut symptoms for longer than a week.”

90% of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated if diagnosed early, Quintel adds. So next time you find yourself experiencing uncomfortable gut symptoms, make an appointment to see your GP.

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