Trick yourself into drinking more water


How much water should I drink each day

10 simple hacks to get your mind and body into the habit of drinking more water.

Drinking water (either on its own or in the form of other fluids or foods) is essential to your health. Not only can water help control calories, it energises the body and skin, helps your kidneys and even maintains normal bowel movements.

But, let’s face it, it’s often not easy to get in that eight glass a day quota. If you think you need to be drinking more, here are some tips to increase your fluid intake and reap the benefits of water:

  1. Make it a meal-time thing: Have a beverage with every snack and meal.
  2. Choose beverages you enjoy: You’re likely to drink more liquids if you like the way they taste. You can also use fresh fruit such as lemon and strawberries to add a natural flavour to your water.
  3. Eat your water: by consuming more fruits and vegetables. Their high water content will add to your hydration, as about 20 per cent of our fluid intake comes from foods.
  4. Water on the go: Keep a bottle of water with you in your car, at your desk, or in your bag. This way you have no excuse not to get in your daily quota.
  5. Choose beverages that meet your individual needs: If you’re not a huge fan of water, try alternatives that have high levels of water without the taste of water. Just be cautious of high-sugar beverages.
  6. Hide it in your daily routine: If you already have a good morning and bedtime routine, make drinking water a part of it. For example, put a glass of water next to your bed so when waking up, your first glass is already waiting.
  7. More with your medicine: If you take medication or a supplement daily, wash it down with an entire glass of water, and not just a small sip.
  8. Use an app to track your cups and trigger your sips: There are several health-focused apps you can download which allow you to track and monitor your daily water intake – even alert you to your next glass.
  9. Mark it up: Use a marked water bottle with timed measurements on it, this visual aid is a great motivator as it tracks your drinking goals through the day.
  10. Stick to a one-to-one rule when drinking alcohol: and alternate those glasses of wine with water.


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