Top Tips For Promoting Kidney Health


Top Tips For Promoting Kidney Health
Find out how you can maintain a healthy kidney and prevent disease this Kidney Health Week.

Did you know that kidney disease kills more Australians each year than breast cancer, prostate cancer and road accidents combined? Because it doesn’t show early symptoms, most people don’t know they have kidney disease until they have lost most of their kidney function completely.

Kidney Health Week runs from March 5-11 and aims to encourage people to check their kidney health before it’s too late. Interim CEO of Kidney Health Australia, Dr Lisa Murphy, says the statistics around kidney health are shocking. “One Australian dies every 27 minutes and 1.7 million are affected by chronic kidney disease”, she says. 

Catching kidney disease early is the best chance of survival. “If caught early, chronic kidney disease is very treatable and in some cases can even be reversed entirely”, Dr Murphy says. To help people check their kidney health, Kidney Health Australia has created a simple online test that helps people understand the risks and symptoms of kidney disease. “Our message this Kidney Health Week is don’t wait until you feel sick”, she adds.

To take Kidney Health Australia’s ‘Are you the 1 in 3?’ test, visit



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