Top 5 tips for clean eating in 2015

By Mariles Hobbs

Top 5 tips for clean eating in 2015
Planning on starting the year with a health kick? Paleo Café founder and author shares her top tips for going clean in 2015.

“A health detox in 2015 shouldn’t involve extreme fad dieting, but instead a change in lifestyle to get back to eating fresh fruits, vegetables and meats while making time for exercising, sleeping and having fun,” says Marlies Hobbs, Paleo Café and Lifestyle Cook Book by Paleo Café founder.

“Avoiding additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers and food that is unrecognisable from anything you can find in nature is a good start.”

The Paleo Café, was born of the 30 year old entrepreneur and mother of two’s dedication to improving her family’s health. So far she has opened 12 stores in two short years and has her eyes set on international expansion.

Marlies believes that in addition to a natural-as-possible diet, people should be dancing, singing and exercising more – releasing the endorphins that are so vital to our wellbeing. Here she shares her top five tips for going clean in 2015:

1. Clean out the cupboard

The new year is a great time to go through your cupboard and throw out anything that is dated and anything that doesn’t fit with your new health kick. Be ruthless, throw out anything filled with preservatives, sugar, refined and processed flours, grains and yes, chocolate. Don’t underestimate the power of removing all temptation! If you want the odd treat or cheat meal, make an occasion of it and go out of the house for it.

2. Recipe Hunt

Find healthy recipes that you like the sound of. Ensure you include the ingredients on your shopping list; now that you’ve cleaned out the cupboard, you can stock it with some healthier alternatives. Try using coconut oil in place of olive oil for anything you’re cooking at a high temperature, as other oils go rancid.

3. Prepare Meals Ahead Of Time

To avoid lack of time leading you astray, prepare meals in advance. Have a cook up day in your routine or cook extra each night and store a few meals and snacks in the fridge and freezer to get you through the week. These extra meals and snacks are also perfect to take for work/school lunches.

4. Rest and Meditate

Get enough sleep, meditate and take Mini Breaks. Make time for regular meditation, even if they are just short 5 minute guided sessions off your phone app. They wash away stress and tension and allow you to see things more clearly. Likewise, book in regular mini breaks to avoid falling in to the rat race… where you are left feeling too busy to take a break. If you let the chaos of this modern world rule your life, you will lose touch with who you are and what you enjoy. We are the creators of our own destiny.

5. Get Back To Nature

Many of us lose touch with where we originated from and how much of an important role nature plays on our health and happiness. Take your shoes off and walk on the beach, climb a mountain, swim under a waterfall, play at the park. Stop and reflect on how great you feel. Make time to get outside and enjoy the natural pleasures on earth as much as possible.


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