Top 10 findings from the world’s largest kindness survey


Top 10 findings from the world’s largest kindness survey
There's no doubt that it is cool to be kind.

As well as delivering health benefits for the giver and the receiver, research has shown kindness is also contagious, providing scientific backing to Mother Teresa’s wise words, “Spread the love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

The importance of kindness has proven to provide vital connectedness in times of crisis.

The results of the world’s largest study on kindness also shows why it’s time to add more caring to our lives.

Top 10 findings from the world’s largest kindness survey:

1 Acts of kindness are very common.
2 The most common kind act is helping people when they ask.
3 Two-thirds of people think the pandemic has made us kinder.
4 There’s a link between kindness and wellbeing.
5 Extroverts and those who are more open give and receive more kindness.
6 People see more acts of kindness at home than anywhere else.
7 Women carry out slightly more kind acts on average and so do people who are religious.
8 We worry about our offers of kindness being misinterpreted.
9 People who talk to strangers see and receive more kindness.
10 Income makes little difference to how kind people are. Top charity choices include to people and animals.



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