These Boots Are Made For Walking

Stroll through our selection of the best winter boots for your wardrobe this season.

Chilly nights and gloomy days shouldn’t stop you from stepping out and making a fashion statement. It’s boot season, so it’s time to pull out your most trusty pair or even invest in some new styles.

There are so many ways to bust out those boots you haven’t grabbed for all summer – here are our favourite ways to wear boots this winter.


Knee-high boots have been around for a minute, but they will always be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Black boots go with everything and when they’re knee-high you can wear them under or over jeans – but our favourite way to wear then right now is with a midi skirt or dress.

Whether it’s patent, soft or matte, leather is the way to go with these knee-high boots. You can’t go wrong, they’ll keep the rain off and keep the warmth in. 


Who says it needs to be summer for a bit of colour?

Injecting bold hues into your wardrobe will never do any harm. Brighten up the gloomy weather with a pop of colour in your boots. 

Whether it’s ankle length, kitten-heeled or knee-high, freshen up your outfit with some lush colours and you won’t regret it.


Slouch galore.

The slouchy boot has made its way back into fashion and we are absolutely loving it. 

Use grey to add dimension to your look, white to make it pop and an angular cut to add some edge.

We can’t get enough of this new take on slouchy boots – paired with a midi skirt and overcoat, you’ll be a walking poster girl for dreamy taste.


We’ve seen kitten heels everywhere for the past couple of seasons, but now they’ve made their way to boots as well.

This gorgeous spin on wearable fashion mixes practicality with marvellous footwear shapes.

Save yourself the slipping this winter and get your hands on some kitten heels now.


Whilst we’d love to wear sky high boots everyday, we know that everybody has those winter days when they just want a good flat boot. 

We’ve picked out our favourite new styles from the runway this season.

A good combat boot is an essential staple for everyone and the chelsea boot is not an exception.

The white contrast stitching on this Noon by Noor chelsea boot makes your practical shoe-wear stand out, whilst the angular toe-box of this Stella McCartney boot spices up this comfy shoe.

Benee performs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Benee’s star is well and truly on the rise, with the Kiwi singer making a splash in Hollywood.

The most recent indication that the 20-year-old is hitting the big time was her performance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday US time.

Benee performed ‘Supalonely’, her hit song that has been streamed more than 250 million times.

It’s the second US talk show she’s performed for, after she made her TV debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last month.

Due to border restrictions, Benee recorded the performance at Auckland’s Roundhead Studios.

‘Supalonely’ has become a huge hit in the US after it was used for a TikTok dance that has been recreated many times on the social platform.

Benee wrote the song after a break-up about being lonely when she spent a month in LA , and it’s since become an anthem for those in quarantine around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic.