The What’s Underneath Project

The What’s Underneath Project
In the age of selfies and Instagram filters, where many images are manipulated for maximum public approval, we can instead choose to use social media to celebrate all that makes us unique. The What’s Underneath Project is doing just that, for an audience of millions around the world.

The What’s Underneath Project, StyleLikeU’s YouTube video series, features men, women and non-gender-specific people remove their clothes while telling their stories.

Actress Caitlin Stasey (above) reveals, “People think beauty opens doors but it opens doors to cliff edges.”

The channel features videos made with three Australian women: Instagram phenomenon Sarah Jane Adams embraces the ageing process, menopause and sneakers. “My knees are getting saggy, my bunions are getting buniony but that’s cool,” she says. “I’m getting older and happier and a bit more accepting.”

Singer Nai Palm tells the story of the tiny tattoo on her face, a reminder of a scratch left by a fledgling crow she was nursing. After she released the bird, it made her think about the life-changing loss of her mother to breast cancer when she was nine. The tattoo helps her remember how to “let things go but keep them with me”.

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