The best travel apps we simply can’t live without


Best travel apps
A male person holding a smartphone in the air in the caribbean surrounding of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
There are thousands of trusty apps available to help you navigate your way around new cities and regions. But which are the best of the best travel apps? We try out a few of our favourites...

Best travel apps

While on the road, one of the most precious possessions for a traveller is their phone. It keeps them in touch with family, stores all itinerary info, helps them find where they need to go and lets them spread the travel envy online. With the help of The Global Work & Travel Co. we’ve found the very best travel apps for convenient travel at your fingertips.


Put in the destination and travel dates and this bad boy will create a weather-specific personalised packing list. It will ask what activities you are planning to partake in while abroad and will make suggestions based on them – so you don’t forget your snow gloves if you-re hitting the alps or business tie if you are off for an important meeting. Add and delete as you see fit. Genius!

Xe currency

With over 55 million downloads, XE Currency is the most downloaded foreign exchange app. It offers real-time live exchange rates and charts to help you make smarter purchases. You can create rate alerts for the currency pairs you want to watch, if your rate is triggered, you’ll be notified. It’s free, easy to navigate and can be used on or offline.

Google Translate

You will never get lost in translation again. Google Translate will be your best bud if you are travelling to countries where they don’t speak the lingo. It can translate 103 different languages, just by typing the text into their phone. It can convert 38 languages of text in images just by pointing your camera, and can even instantly translate bilingual conversations on the fly.

Trip Journal

With this app you can document your travels and create your own mobile-based scrapbook along the way. Google’s most awarded – and one of the best travel apps – lets you compile a journal of their adventures by tagging sights and destinations with photos, videos and notes. You can share with friends and family to keep them in the loop with live updates.

Google Lens

Have you ever found a beautiful building or landmark overseas but have no idea what it is? Once again Google knows all and brings you Google Lens to put a name to your view. All you need to do is simply point your phone at a building, painting, statue, plants and animals, and even outfits you like. The app will search its database to give them all the info they could need. It can even translate any foreign text for you!

Wifi Map

“Free WiFi” – has there ever been a more beautiful phrase to be uttered, ever? Connect for free to more than 100 million WiFi spots worldwide. Users have added millions of locations in the world’s busiest cities, airports, small towns and villages as well as the most remote areas of our wonderful planet. Avoid roaming and data charges during your travels!


Covering 150 countries, 60,000 destinations and 50 million places, CityMaps2Go is a reliable and easy-to-use global travel companion. Perfect for creating lists and sightseeing itineraries to save later. Find detailed maps, insider tips, in-depth content and popular attraction guides for them to save for later or use it on the go to find bars, restaurants, streets, addresses or attractions and get pointed in the right direction. With no internet required it’s the ultimate offline map.


Jet lag affects every traveller differently. Used by astronauts and elite athletes, Timeshifter is a sleep tool based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience to eliminate jet lag with personalised advice. All you have to do is input a few details about your sleep pattern, chronotype and flight plan. Great for when you are first adjusting to time differences in a new city.

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