The STYLE List: The Kiwi Fashion We’re Currently Coveting

We’re rounded up a few Kiwi fashion pieces that we’re currently coveting. 

We took Karen Walker’s incredibly cuddly Orestes jacket (above left) all the way to the snow-capped mountains of Austria to shoot for our winter issue of STYLE and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

These glitzy – and aptly named – Sparkle earrings by Kiwi jewellery designer Jasmin Sparrow remind me of days spent rummaging through my mum’s jewellery box as a child. They’re a little bit retro-glam which I love.

I’m a summer girl through and through but Kowtow’s ethically made jumpers have me excited about knitwear for the first time in my life. The Henri roll-neck jumper (above right) looks particularly cosy – perfect for icy winter mornings.

Nicole Saunders, editor

After weeks of embracing my natural hair in all its hideously frizzy glory, it’s highly likely I’ve forgotten how to tame it. So I’ll be needing a hat for bad hair days, and I am loving the ‘West‘ hat from moochi.

I’ve been in a bubble with my parents during lockdown, and this is solely because they have Amazon Prime Video. On Prime Video you will find The Marvelous Mrs Maisel – research shows that after watching this show, there is a 100% chance you will want to overhaul your wardrobe to become that of a wealthy, late-50s New York housewife. The Odyssey coat from twenty-seven names will help me achieve this goal.

Did I mention I’ve been watching The Marvelous Mrs Maisel? The Deadly Ponies Mr Mini Verne Croc fits rather nicely with that sartorial theme.

Ashley Wallace, staff writer

I love everything from Velvet Heartbeat but this faux-suede bag is my favourite. All their products are vegan and made right here in New Zealand making them even more desirable!

The right pop of colour for these rainy days, the Charlton trench coat from Penny Sage seems like the perfect winter staple. I love the steel blue colour and the pleated detail on the back.

Simple, delicate with a bit of regal charm, I’m dreaming of wearing the August necklace Meadowlark necklace on a fancy dinner or night out.

Kathryn Chung, staff writer

Here’s How You Can Support New Zealand Fashion Designers & Retailers Right Now

The COVID-19 crisis has been incredibly challenging for local retailers, and the fashion Kiwi industry has been hit hard with most shutting up shop and pushing pause on deliveries.  As a result, it’s left many fashionistas wondering how they can best support the brands that they love.

To celebrate local fashion, a collective of our much-loved homegrown designers, brands, retailers and public relations agencies have rallied together to launch a one-of-a-kind online shopping night, Together Today.

Together Today, which goes live right here from 5pm Thursday 14 May, will offer Kiwi fashionistas one-night-only deals, discounts, giveaways and more.

Prior to the launch of Together Today, STYLE put this question to a handful of New Zealand designers: Why is coming together and the sense of unity so important in the fashion industry right now?

Here’s what they had to say.

Ingrid Starnes 

“We are all facing the same challenges and uncertainty right now and it is a time more than ever to come together as a community to show support, solidarity and aroha for the industry”

Georgia Currie, Founder of Georgia Alice 

“Like most industries, the fashion industry is going to face challenges while we navigate a recovering economy and new retail climate. It’s nice to lean on each other through this time and know we’re all experiencing similar challenges.”

Gosia Piatek, Founder, Kowtow 

“It’s so important for customers to show their support for the New Zealand fashion industry. Our stores, wholesale partners, media, and manufacturers have been affected globally, and there is no better time than now, to band together and come out of this stronger.”

Sarah Harris, Co-founder, Harris Tapper

‘While fashion at its core inherently reflects diversity and individuality, if we wish to ensure the future viability and sustainability of our industry, we need to come together with this purpose in mind.’

Anjali Stewart, Co Founder twenty-seven names 

“During tough times like these, it’s our peers in the fashion industry that continue to inspire us and make us feel like we aren’t alone in the trenches. Coming together for this event has been a way to express this feeling of solidarity and work towards the common goal of keeping our creative industry alive” 

Steven Boyd, CEO Deadly Ponies

“New Zealand’s style and creativity is underpinned by local fashion designers. Now more than ever, we must support local brands that breathe life into our national identity.”

Kathryn Wilson 

I have always loved the sense of community felt amongst New Zealand Designers and manufacturers which I feel is unique due to our size and scale. We all know each other personally and do not consider each other businesses as competition, but more as an opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

During the last 6 weeks of lockdown in NZ I have reached out to several business owners and designers in the industry to ask how they have dealt with the closure of retail, delays from manufacturers and revised payment terms from suppliers and creditors but also to share my own learnings and experiences so we can all benefit from each other.