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The skincare you need in your beauty routine this season

The skincare you need in your beauty routine this season

These nourishing products will help you get smooth, soft, hydrated skin no matter what season it is.

The skincare you need in your beauty routine this season

If you’ve noticed that your skin tends to change each time that winter arrives, you’re not alone.

Chilly temperatures, blasting air conditioning, a drop in air humidity and spending too long in hot showers can wreak havoc on our skin. Bundle all of these factors together and a once-luminous complexion can quickly become dry and dull, lips can become chapped, and legs and arms dehydrated.

Restorative and protective properties are at the heart of Vaseline’s skincare collection which means finding a skincare range that is not only affordable but effective is possible.

To help combat our winter skin woes, we caught up with parenting and lifestyle blogger Jordan Whittaker to find out how she keeps her skin healthy and radiant with Vaseline while juggling a hectic schedule.

Great skin starts from within. What do you do to stay healthy between seasons?
Sticking to my workout routine is essential to me. It makes me feel good physically and mentally. Also, trying to remember to drink as much water as I can. Much easier said than done in the winter months! But I think being mindful and intentional about your water intake is better than nothing.


Talk us through your beauty routine. How does this change over the winter months and into the warmer seasons?

My beauty routine is pretty basic: I cleanse and moisturise every day. I use a lightweight moisturiser in the mornings and of night cream before bed. I exfoliate weekly and use a face mask once a week too. Over summer, I alternated my night cream with a lightweight serum, but over the winter months, I need the extra hydration so use the night cream every night before be. I also like putting something on my lips before bed to rehydrate them overnight. Winter can be horrible for dry lips!

Tell us about your go-to beauty tips.
Ensuring your skin and lips are well hydrated over the cooler months will do you wonders. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Original is amazing on the lips! It’s soft and hydrating but not sticky – because no one wants hair sticking to their lips! Leave one by your bedside table, and one in your handbag so you can combat dry, chapped lips when you’re on the go.

What beauty products would we find in your handbag? 
I’m actually low maintenance with what I have on me daily! Usually, just something for my lips as I don’t wear makeup every day so don’t need touch-ups. A tinted lip balm is a good, happy medium for a little colour.

What is it that you love about Vaseline?
It’s easily accessible, affordable, and feels nice and hydrating on my skin!

Tell me about your must-have Vaseline product?
The Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore cream is so lovely on the skin A little goes a long way and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily, which I love. It’s great for applying to skin as soon as you hop out of the shower. I’ve also got a bottle in my car because in winter I never know when my skin will need extra hydration.

You can find Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Original and Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore at a Countdown, New World and Pak ‘n Save near you.


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