Swedish women receive womb transplants

By Efrosini Costa

Swedish women receive womb transplants
A pioneering surgical treatment could help women without wombs conceive.

The experimental fertility project consist of transplanting wombs from living relatives into women wanting to fall pregnant.

Nine women took part in the revolutionary  trial, receiving the womb transplants at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg.

The women, most in their 30’s, were either born without a uterus or have had their uterus removed because of cervical cancer.

Scientists in other countries have planned similar operations but the efforts of the team in Sweden have so far been the most advanced.

The surgery has been attempted previously in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but both trials failed to produce babies.

The Swedish womb transplant recipients will be unable to fall pregnant naturally, as the operations did no connect the transplanted uteruses to their fallopian tubes. But doctors believe eggs harvested through IVF treatment could be transplanted into the women’s wombs.

“This is a new kind of surgery,we have no textbook to look at,” Dr Mats Branstorm, lead researcher for the study, told reporters.

Dr Branstorm and his colleagues plan to publish scientific reports on their efforts in due course and will be running the first workshop on how to preform the procedure.


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