Summer bodies are made in spring – here’s how

Summer bodies are made in spring – here’s how

Envious of those beautiful summer bodies – don’t be? Using tips from the pros, you can get fit effortlessly, and in time for summer.

Summer is around the corner, and that means spending more time outdoors – usually in clothing that matches outdoor activity.

Michelle Monks, Gym Manager at Warwick Women’s Centre, suggests an 11-point plan for you to follow if you want to achieve that beach-worthy physique:

Work out at higher intensity levels

Also referred to as “HIIT” for ‘high-intensity interval training,’ this workout incorporates 30 second intervals of cardio, such as skipping rope, jumping jacks, running in place and the like. Doing these in short bursts will improve your cardio health.

Keep moving

Your fitness programme should involve a method of staying active, even when it’s not during a workout time. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car further from your destination and lift small dumbbells whilst watching TV. Staying active even during downtime is important.

Keep an eye on your diet

You’ve heard this many times before, but regular intake of fruit and veg is critical to a healthy diet. Diet can be almost more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight or staying fit.

Row your boat

A fantastic cardio workout is rowing, for its ability to work your abs, arms, legs and back at the same time whilst helping your heart reach its target rate. Whether you row on a machine – or even in a real boat – this workout will keep you fabulously fit.

Lift those weights

Of course, you should balance your workout with strength training – even if it’s a modest amount. Our fitness team agrees that the exercises with the best results are deadlifts, pull-ups and bench presses.

Keep it simple

While gyms and workout groups do have their benefits, if you want to accomplish your fitness goals in your own living room – then go for it. You can do sit ups, squats and push-ups as easily in your home as in a gym environment and the privacy can be a plus, too.

Find your personal coach

Research shows that women tend to stick with a fitness regimen more easily if they engage the services of a personal health coach. These experts help keep track of your goals, address and correct your weaknesses, suggest nutrition and improve your sense of wellness.

Mix it up

Combining strength training with cardio makes an effective workout.

Get in touch with your body clock

Your circadian rhythm – the inner ‘clock’ inside your body – helps regulate both wakefulness and sleepiness. If you keep track of your body’s personal clock, find the time that you have the most energy and use that time to exercise, if possible. Trying to work out when you’re already exhausted is essentially futile.

Give yourself more shut-eye

Sleep, in addition to being necessary, is also a great healer. Rest resets your body for another day, and the more you can manage, so much the better. A good night of rest will help regulate your metabolism, appetite and keep you from becoming cranky during the day.

Just say no to carbs in the evening

In fact, you should try to say no to a big, heavy dinner. Studies show that food won’t metabolise as quickly in the evenings – the time of day when you’re relaxing and winding down. Processed carbohydrates won’t help you fare better, either, so try to avoid white rice and pasta. Carbs, when not immediately burned off through exercise, can store as fat – derailing your plans to lose weight. Breakfast and lunch should be the larger meals of the day – so you have time enough to burn calories, no matter what you do.



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