STYLE Insider: Navvy Talks Favourite Artists, Style Inspiration, and Best Auckland Eats

STYLE Insider: Navvy Talks Favourite Artists, Style Inspiration, and Best Auckland Eats

Auckland pop musician Navvy, aka Phoebe Lee Jasper is taking over the music scene one step at at time. She’s had millions of streams on Spotify and is only just getting started. On the release of her latest EP ‘The Final Pieces’, we catch up with Navvy and chat about her style inspiration, favourite artists, best places to eat in Auckland and lots more. 

My style inspiration… I more look to brands for style ideas. I love brands like Lazy Oaf, and Ragged Priest, and how they style for shoots. In saying that, my icon for style and also everything is Lili Ahenkan , @flex.mami on Instagram. She is everything.

My earliest music memory is…  This question triggered something in my brain that started playing the song ‘Mack The Knife’, but the Robbie Williams version. Until I googled it just now on this very day I thought he had written it. I feel like I remember that song as a VERY young child in the car maybe? But my earliest solid music memory is of Rainbow Connection, performed by Kermit The Frog, with a 4 year old me singing very loud over the top.

Describe your style in three words… Colourful, thrifted, comfy.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt recently is… to try to let go of that which I can not control. I have a history of being a meticulous planner, and I always know what’s next. I used to be so incredibly upset if things changed, even if those things had nothing to do with me. Lately, I have learned to just try to let myself feel whatever comes up when I’m disappointed, but then let that feeling go as soon as I can. It’s been really helpful.

My 5 favourite places to dine in Auckland are… LOWBROW is my number one no doubt, get the OG Chicken Sando. I also love Fed Deli, who make some of the best, most complimentary sides. I recently went to Yume with some of my best friends and that was so good, can recommend the prawn roll. At Bangkok in Kingsland is really yum Thai food. Amano is a classic for a reason, and I would suggest anything on the menu that you feel like.

OG Chicken Sando via @lowbrow

My favourite hidden gem in NZ is… family bach in the Bay of Islands. I am convinced that part of New Zealand is not real. I think I also have so many fantastic memories there, so that may influence my decision.

If I wasn’t taking over the music industry, I would be… I think I’d be in social work, maybe therapy. Something where I had a lot of contact with people who I could help. I absolutely love people. I think that is what interested me about music to begin with, the fact that I could help hundreds if not thousands of people with the songs I write with my friends.

The last six months have taught me… that I am a lot more resilient than I thought. It’s also given me time to figure out exactly who I am and what I want to say in this industry, which can get so loud so quickly.

The song I have on repeat at the moment is… I genuinely have my own EP on repeat at the moment, and I am not sorry about it. It just came out, and I am just really proud of it and vibing it at the moment. But if not ‘The Final Pieces’, then I’m most likely listening to ‘Invisible String’ from Folklore.

My top three artists… It changes like you wouldn’t believe. At the moment, Taylor Swift, The Beach Boys, Maisie Peters.

If I could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, it would be… at the moment I would choose Jacinda Ardern, Hilary Clinton and my sister Chloe. We have spent a lot of time talking about politics lately, and I just think it would be cool to get all of that powerful female energy in one room.

My favourite city to travel to is… well, I love London, and I think it’s partly because I have spent so much time working there now. But I think my favourite place to be on holiday is Los Angeles. I just love it. I dream of skating from Santa Monica to Venice Beach most days. I will return.

Navvy in London via @thisisnavvy

The last item of clothing I purchased was… CROCS ! I got bright orange crocs during lockdown and I could not recommend them enough, they really are the comfiest shoe. I have had people make fun of me only because they are getting ‘trendy’ and I’m buying into it, but I am not mad about being a part of this trend.

The latest TV series I binged was… season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race. That season has SO many good lip syncs, and runways, and challenges. A masterclass in drag and drama and performance. It’s wonderful.

Stream Navvy’s new EP ‘The Final Pieces’ here.  

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