Stunning meteor lights up sky above Queensland


Stunning meteor lights up sky above Queensland
Thousands in south-east Queensland saw or heard the stunning white light of a plummeting meteor, which struck just after 10pm on Saturday.

Hundreds of Queenslanders have been left in shock and awe from a spectacular meteor that lit up the night sky, creating a sonic boom as it burned up while hurtling towards Earth.

Photographer Craig Turton went to the North Pine Dam, north of Brisbane, on Saturday night to capture the stars reflecting off the dam. Suddenly he saw a brilliant light in the sky.

During a 15-second exposure facing the south-west, he saw a great flash. “I saw it come right down in the sky, so I just hoped while the exposure was going that I actually captured it,” he said.

“I got the bottom two-thirds of the meteor in the picture … it was the right place, right time.”

People on social media reported seeing the flash, or feeling their homes rumble or shake from its impact, particularly north and west of Brisbane.

The spectacular light show was also keenly watched by the South-East Queensland Astronomical Society, which witnessed three meteors shoot through the atmosphere.

Society vice-president Julie Straayer told ABC that it was a special night for space-watching.

“It was such a bright flash of light,” she said.

“Depending on what it was made of, the metal, would have determined the reaction, including the colour of the light we saw.

“We were just in the right place at the right time, and looking up.”

Scientists say the meteor was likely caused by the ‘Taurid Swarm’, the debris left over from a massive comet. The Earth passes near to the ‘Swarm’ twice a year, resulting in increased meteor activity.


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