Sleep Myths Busted


Sleep Myths Busted
Feeling tired? It could be due to one of these four sleep myths. Fast-track your way to better sleep by discovering what you need to avoid.

A good night’s sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing. Without consistently good sleep we naturally feel fatigued, and it is easier to become stressed or overwhelmed. With so many different opinions about sleep out there, we look at just four myths that you can safely ignore.

Less than seven hours a night is fine

UC Berkeley neuroscience and psychology professor Matthew Walker says the amount of sleep a person needs differs. Most people, however, require between 7 and 9 hours a night. Walker recommends trialling your sleeping needs by spending a week falling asleep when you feel tired and waking up naturally.

A hard mattress is good for you

Despite common myths, a hard mattress isn’t necessarily good for your back, Sleepyhead marketing manager, Felicity Turner cautions. “It’s good for some people, just not everyone”, she says, recommending buyers seek the assistance of a mattress specialist when purchasing their new bed and take time trying different kinds. Selecting a new, supportive pillow is equally important, Turner adds. “We fundamentally believe that a mattress should never be purchased without a pillow to suit. The mattress supports your body but the pillow is the bed for your head.” 

Not getting enough sleep will only make you tired

In his book Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, Walker says that a consistent lack of sleep is associated with various health problems, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, increased cancer risk, anxiety and depression.

If you wake up in the middle night, you should stay in bed

If you have a tendency to wake up in the night and struggle to get back to sleep, it’s better to get up and have a cup of tea or read a book for ten minutes until you feel tired. If you’re able to stay relaxed in bed, there is no need to get up.


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