Selma Blair Optimistic Despite MS Challenges


Selma Blair - KOTO BOLOFO - GAP Campaign
Selma Blair - KOTO BOLOFO - GAP Campaign
Selma Blair is embracing life with resilience and optimism, despite the challenges posed by her battle with multiple sclerosis.

The 51-year-old actress received her diagnosis of the autoimmune disease in 2018 and has been in remission since 2021. Reflecting on her health journey, Selma shared with PEOPLE, “Everything is going really well. I am still in remission. I do have some persistent issues like dystonia, as well as sporadic symptoms, which are quite intriguing from a neurological perspective.”

Multiple sclerosis often leads to involuntary muscle contractions, but Selma maintains a positive outlook.

She expressed, “I do experience fatigue, which can be challenging. So, it’s important to schedule rest days because if I get worn out, it takes a while to bounce back. However, when I’m feeling good, I’m truly living in the moment and filled with happiness.”

Selma has previously disclosed that her approach to life has undergone a transformation due to her health challenges. She has become more compassionate and understanding towards herself, acknowledging her past struggles and vulnerabilities.

In an interview the Hollywood star elaborated, “My experience has reshaped me to embrace my imperfections, confront my past battles with addiction, and confront my personal struggles. It has cultivated a greater sense of self-empathy.”

While Selma experiences slurred speech and occasional mobility issues, she carries no shame about these symptoms.

She believes that her daily journey, complete with occasional speech impediments, serves as a form of visibility and a testament to the human experience. She stated, “My fluctuations in speech are a way of showcasing that we all have something unique about us. I feel no shame about it. It may pique people’s curiosity, but it’s a reminder that everyone faces challenges in their own way.”


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