Saturn’s Rings will Disappear Shortly


Saturn’s Rings will Disappear Shortly
NASA has confirmed the planet's giant rings will disappear during rare equinox in 2025. 

Saturn’s rings will temporarily vanish from our view on Earth as Saturn tilts on-edge, turning its vast rings into a nearly invisible line. These rings, which extend up to 175,000 miles from the planet’s surface, will become barely perceptible as a result of this alignment.

Despite the rings’ immense width, their vertical height typically measures around 30 feet. This means that approximately every 15 years, during a Saturnian equinox when the gas giant is viewed perfectly from the side, the rings become nearly imperceptible, creating the illusion of their disappearance.

The most recent occurrence of this celestial event took place in September 2009.

When is the next Saturn equinox?

On May 6, 2025, as stated by the European Space Agency.

The rings will become visible once again as Saturn’s tilt changes, allowing Earth-bound astronomers to observe the planet’s southern pole.


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