Running is back! New research shows running participation up 117%

Running is back! New research shows running participation up 117%
It’s free, requires no equipment, can be done anytime, anywhere and has multiple mental and physical health benefits so it’s no wonder running is one of the world’s most popular sports.

Recent meta-analysis by Victoria University of 232,149 participants has shown that increased rates of participation in running, regardless of its dose, leads to substantial improvements in population health and longevity and any amount of running, even just once a week, is better than no running.

Thanks to lockdown and COVID-19 drastically reducing the places we can exercise safely, the number of runners continue to increase exponentially.

Research from RunRepeat shows that during lockdown people who run once or twice a week have increased their participation by 117%, with those running up to 3 times a week increasing their participation by 55% on average. But before you start hitting the pavement there are two things you need to consider – your health and your feet.

It’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before you start any new exercise program, particularly if you’re over 40, have a BMI of 35 or higher, or family history of heart disease. You also need to pay attention to what you put on your feet as running is one of the highest impact forms of exercise, your feet play a crucial role in absorbing the force of impact when you run.

Proper running footwear can also provide you support and stability to help avoid pain and injury. PUMA has a long history in performance footwear (including Usain Bolt – the fastest person on earth – who first signed with PUMA at 16 years of age and has been with them ever since).

This year the global sports brand has brought PUMA Running back bigger and better than ever before with brand new products made with cutting-edge technology.

PUMA has considered the high impact on feet when running and the new technology combines three key benefits —responsiveness, cushioning, and extremely light weight for a more effortless run. Their NITRO technology delivers on speed and comfort, using nitrogen-infused lightweight foams, comfortable materials and InnoPlate technology to create a better performing range of running shoes.


Years of research and testing in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts have gone into three new key styles—Eternity, Magnify, Deviate and Deviate Spectra (above, from left to right)– which are suitable for all runners, from elite to social.

Eternity NITRO is the ideal performance running shoe for those needing added stability and support. Magnify NITRO provides maximum cushioning for long runs.

Deviate NITRO is a high-performance running shoe for fast runs.

To see the whole collection, visit the or visit the @pumanewzealand Instagram page.

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