Reversing the signs of sun damage


Reversing the signs of sun damage
According to the experts, stocking up on skincare isn't always the answer.

Prevention is always better than a cure: proper use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen, seeking shade and covering up your best options for preventing skin damage and minimising the risk of skin cancer when spending time under the harsh New Zealand sun. But the signs of sun damage can strike even if you’re taking the utmost care with your skincare routine. “Youthful skin is much more resistant to sun damage. It’s thicker, more elastic, has more collagen, but most importantly it has the ability to repair itself,” says Dr Mark Izzard, a specialist surgeon in facial plastics, reconstruction and skin cancer with Skin Institute. However, as skin ages, the effects of repeated sun exposure start to become more obvious: tone and texture changes, skin can sag and fine lines and wrinkles start to form.

Stocking up on skincare might seem like the answer to reduce the signs of ageing: according to Skin Institute’s 2017 Skin Census, 76 per cent of respondents have used an anti-ageing serum or product. As many skincare moisturiser’s and serums struggle to penetrate beyond the first layer of the skin a more holistic approach to skin health provides much better results. Professional skin treatments on the other hand are able to target skin damage occurring at lower levels of the skin. Although the initial outlay in a treatment plan devised by a skin professional will most likely cost you more than a bottle of your day-to-day moisturiser, many treatments such as IPL, microdermabrasion, botox, fillers and laser resurfacing result in visibly improved skin in a single session. In fact, when you do the math investing in a series of skincare treatments can be a better, more cost-effective investment in skin health.


Begin your healthy skin journey and discover which professional skin treatments are best for you and your budget by booking a free 30-minute cosmetic consultation with an experienced appearance medicine nurse at Skin Institute. Call 0800 SKIN DR or visit to book.



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