Rejuvenate Your Skin With Warm Sugar Glow Therapy

The Polynesian Spa has just launched the new Pure Fiji Warm Sugar Glow therapy. Designed to rejuvenate and nourish, it’s one worth treating yourself to.

Ingredients found in the heart of Fiji make this treatment an extra special one, as is the care and skill that the staff at the Polynesian Spa give to their clients.

Other than you, the star of the treatment is sugar cane, harvested from sun-drenched plantations, combined with exotic tropical cold pressed nut oils to nourish skin.

Relax and unwind, as you submit yourself to paradise. As your skin is revitalised, let your body relax in this 50-minute therapy. Warm coconut milk is combined with macadamia and coconut oil, which are gently massaged into the skin. This is then followed by an application of pure cane sugar. Healthy skin is revealed, feeling replenished and hydrated.

Not only will you receive this enriching treatment, all therapies include a soak in the Deluxe Lake Spa hot mineral pools beforehand to warm up the muscles, soften the skin and relax the mind. To make the most of an indulgent retreat experience we recommend you allow at least three hours at Polynesian Spa to enjoy a hot mineral soak, your therapy and the relaxation lounge.

Go on, treat yourself.

SALASAI Launches Unique Limited Edition Print

The new SALASAI seasonal signature Creatures Tee drops in-store today, and the print is a very special one.

Each garment is cut and constructed from fabric printed two meters wide. Essentially, not one wearer has the exact same dress anywhere in the world.

Exploring the narrative of conscious living, this print advocates for compassion to animals, domestic and wild and the unique balance of our ecosystem.

The hope behind this print and collection is that we are bound by compassion and understanding, not by chains or shackles. This romantic notion is fabricated with the soft gathered frill and punctuated by the pastel hues sprinkled throughout the palette.

Having first conceived the idea overseas, designer Kirsha Whitcher developed it in-house with graphic artist, Imogen Duxbury to perfect the spacial layout and content which includes hand-drawn elements by Kelly Watson. The scale of the print is crucial to Whitcher, who strives to balance the ingredients each seasonal print needs of impact, structure and story.

Click below for a sneak peek of SALASAI’s new collection.

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