Probiotic foods that are great for gut health


Probiotic foods that are great for gut health

Kimchi to kombucha – everywhere you go, dieticians and foodies are touting the benefits of probiotics. From improving your digestive health to promoting a healthy heart, researchers are quickly discovering a wide range of benefits from these fermented foods.

Read on for our top picks of probiotic-rich foods.



The lesser-known cousin of yoghurt, Kefir, contains a range of health benefits. The fermented probiotic milk drink is made by adding cultures of lactic acid bacteria and yeast to cow’s or goats milk.

Studies have linked it to improved bone health, digestion and immunity. Typically found as a yoghurt or milk drink, you can also find Kefir water, cream cheese and butter.



Pickles are another good source of probiotic bacteria. When pickled in salt and water and left to ferment, it brings out their natural lactic acid bacteria. While typically higher in sodium, pickles are a good low-calorie option and rich in vitamin K.

Make sure you’re picking the right type, as pickles made with vinegar won’t contain live probiotics.



Yoghurt has long been considered a great source of probiotics. As well as aiding digestion, studies have shown yoghurt to help protect against osteoporosis.

Not all yoghurt contains probiotics so make sure to look out for yoghurt with active or live cultures.



Those little green olives brined in salt water can pack a big punch when it comes to gut health. Through the brining process, they go through natural fermentation and produce healthy probiotics.

Don’t let their size fool you, one study found that 12 olives provide approximately 20 million Lactobacilli bacteria per day. The same study saw that eating green olives can help reduce inflammation, promote weight loss and improve digestive health.





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