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Sustainability is just as important to Omega Plus pet food as is the great taste of its products. The naturally nutritious Omega Plus pet food range contains King Salmon as the number one ingredient, offering pets a tasty and healthy diet that makes use of parts of the fish that otherwise would have been wasted.

The significance of sustainable fishing practices in today’s world cannot be overstated. But it’s not just about protecting habitats and ensuring that species continue to thrive — how the fish ends up being used is an important part of the equation. Many fish are caught only for the prime fillet to be consumed. The remaining raw materials, comprising the head, frame, skin, gills, guts and trimmings, are usually considered waste — they may be disposed of (at cost) or sent for rendering to be converted into salmon meal, a process requiring significant energy and water consumption.

New Zealand King Salmon has sought to alleviate this waste problem through its policy of nose-to-tail utilisation of its salmon. In 2015, the company introduced Omega Innovations, a new division focused on turning traditional ‘waste’ components into high-value products. This included the creation of Omega Plus, a naturally nutritious pet food range that contains King Salmon as the number one ingredient. Recognising that the fish by-products could be handled in such a way as to preserve the nutritional value salmon is well known for, the Omega Plus range offers pets a tasty and healthy diet that makes use of parts of the fish that otherwise would have been wasted. Offcuts that are human grade are used to produce the wet and dry pet food, while fins and tails are dried and become treats.

The creation of Omega Plus has allowed New Zealand King Salmon to redirect more than 400,000kg of salmon raw materials from rendering, instead turning them into premium pet food and treats. Plus, with the Omega Plus range made in New Zealand from salmon sustainably farmed right on our doorstep in the waters of the Marlborough Sounds, you know your pets are getting salmon you can trust. All the raw King Salmon used in Omega Plus pet food is fit for human consumption, so you can rest assured your precious fur babies are getting the very best cuts each and every time.

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