21 gorgeous Kate Middleton fashion moments

From the moment she began dating Prince William in 2003, Kate Middleton cemented herself as a fashion icon. The Duchess of Cambridge has maintained a sophisticated, fashion-forward look that blends classic suits and tailored day dresses with vibrant prints and retro fabrics.

Proving herself a down-to-earth royal, Kate has been known to wear a range of brands. The British beauty has been photographed wearing prominent designers including Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Armani, as well as popular streetwear labels such as Topshop, Zara and ASOS.

We pick our top looks from the Duchess’ many amazing outfits.

Prada’s Game-Changing Re-Nylon Collection Finally Arrives in New Zealand

Prada’s exciting regenerative collection has finally landed on New Zealand shores. 

An evolution of Prada’s commitment to responsible retail and sustainability, the Re-Nylon collection has won over eco-conscious fashion lovers since it first debuted in 2019.

Now, the exciting collection is available in New Zealand. An emblem of Prada’s stamp of modern luxury, Re-Nylon signals the fashion house’s next step in sustainable fabric technology.

Blending sustainability and luxury, the material is defined by its impressive ability to regenerate – made from 100 per cent sustainable regenerated nylon. The innovative material is created from recycled plastic collected from oceans, fishing nets, landfills and textile waste.

The Prada Re-Nylon collection translates this eco-conscious material with their signature ready-to-wear pieces in a stunning collection of looks. Sportswear elements are fused with luxurious silhouettes, with elegant cocktail dresses, women’s cocoon-coats and tailored overcoats for men.

Sportswear chic also features in the collection, with padded jackets and athletic-detailed trousers, shorts and t-shirts. The collection also pays homage to the iconic 1984 Prada nylon backpack, reimagining pocket and buckle details in dresses.

“By seemingly reworking the Prada backpack into a dress, it also echoes the notion of recycling and regeneration, the changing of old into new that is central to the ethos of Re-Nylon,” says the fashion house.

Moving beyond apparel, the collection also includes Re-Nylon footwear, hats, bags and more.

The Prada Re-Nylon collection is available exclusively in Prada Queen Street from 22 October 2020.