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Other wordly remains appear as water recedes

Other wordly remains appear as water recedes

The ruins of a the 16th Century Temple of Santiago have emerged from a reservoir in Mexico.

Other wordly remains appear as water recedes

The temple, abandoned in the 18th Century after a plague swept through the Chiapas region, usually rests about 30m underwater after the surrounding area was flooded as part of the 1966 construction of the Nezahualcoyotl Reservoir.

But during periods of drought, the eerie spectre floats to the surface.

“There are hundreds of submerged cities around the world,” Dr Jon Henderson, underwater archaeologist and associate professor at The University of Nottingham told the BBC. 

“We are only just beginning to discover what they have to tell us about the prehistoric human past.”

It is the second time the church has reappeared in this way. Low water levels in 2002 meant that visitors could actually walk inside it.

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