Nightmares Explained

Nightmares Explained
Decode your nightmares to figure out what's really going on in your head.

Nightmares can be terrifying, but if we pay attention, they can give us insight into what’s really bothering us. Only about 5% of people are affected by chronic or recurrent nightmares, but even a single nightmare can leave you shaken and disturbed.

A vivid and unpleasant dream that sometimes awakens the dreamer, nightmares are usually accompanied by feelings of guilt, sadness, fear and anxiety. Dream expert Jane Teresa Anderson interprets some of the most common nightmares:

Being chased or hunted

A common anxiety dream which means you’re running away from something you don’t want to face. Recent events will reveal the cause of the anxiety. Deal with nightmares like this by visualising the predatory figure while you’re awake and face it.

An exam you haven’t studied for

This dream can be an indicator of perfectionist tendencies. Imagine you are in the dream and say: I don’t need to study. I have everything I need, I have wit and creativity and if I don’t get 100 per cent it doesn’t matter.

Death of a loved one

Characters in dreams are not always who they appear to be. Everybody in a dream is an aspect of you the dreamer. Death represents change. Something in your life is ending to make way 
for something new. You have to kill off the old belief.

Teeth Falling Out

When your teeth fall out in a dream it usually means you’ve said something in reality that should not have been said. Ask yourself if you have been gossiping too much lately, have been untrue about something, or been unkind to someone.


Seeing a dinosaur in your dreams suggests you are scared of change. Dinosaurs are extinct and symbolise old ways of thinking, as well as a fear of no longer being needed. Dreaming of being chased by a dinosaur could reflect you old issues that are returning to bother you.



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