Vanuatu Adventure Wonders: Hiking, Biking, and Diving in a Natural Paradise


A trip to beautiful Rarru Waterfalls is a must.
A trip to beautiful Rarru Waterfalls is a must.
From hiking up volcanoes to mountain biking through rainforests to diving a WWII shipwreck, Vanuatu’s breathtaking natural beauty sets the scene for its spectacular adventure activities.

Vanuatu, the stunning archipelago nestled in the sapphire waters of the South Pacific Ocean, is a land of extraordinary beauty and fascinating culture. As well as offering a host of fun and memorable activities, Vanuatu provides the ultimate nature’s playground with crystal-clear blue holes for swimming, diving and snorkelling; lush rainforests and active volcanoes for hiking and mountain biking; caves for exploring; vibrant coral reefs for snorkelling and diving; and pristine beaches for a host of activities from swimming to horseback riding.

For those seeking a more cultural adventure, Vanuatu is home to rich cultural diversity with over 100 different indigenous languages spoken and celebrated through various festivals and ceremonies.

Volcanic Mount Yasur can produce one of the most spectacular pyrotechnical displays on Earth.

Land of Volcanoes

With 83 islands, Vanuatu boasts several volcanoes, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal. One of the most renowned Vanuatu volcanoes is Mount Yasur, located on Tanna Island. The volcano has been erupting continually for centuries, and its fiery displays draw fascinated visitors from around the world. Visitors can hike to its summit, and once there, they are treated to awe-inspiring displays of pyrotechnics. For adventurous souls, volcano trekking on Ambrym Island offers a chance to explore the rugged terrain by foot or bike, and witness the mesmerising lava lakes.

Diving enthusiasts come to
Vanuatu for its underwater volcanic wonders. The SS President Coolidge, a World War II liner turned troopship, is one of the world’s most renowned wreck dive sites. It sank off the coast of Espiritu Santo Island after hitting mines, and today lies in the shadow of Mount Tabwemasana, a dormant volcano.

The Blue Lagoon

Vanuatu’s blue holes, created by underwater springs connected to the islands’ volcanic activity, are another natural wonder. These crystal-clear pools offer a refreshing respite from the tropical heat and provide a unique opportunity for snorkelling and swimming in a surreal underwater landscape. Hidden amongst the rainforest, these brilliant blue holes can be found all over Vanuatu with favourites including Blue Lagoon in Efate and Riri Blue Hole and Nanda Blue Hole in Santo.

At the Toka Festival on Tanna Island, tribes come together to feast and dance.

Chasing Waterfalls

A visit to Mele Cascades is among the most famous and perhaps one of the best things to do in Vanuatu. The cascading waterfalls form a natural water park, complete with rushing torrents and refreshing rock pools. You can climb to the summit for a bird’s-eye view, then head to the equally beautiful Lololima Waterfalls, which offer a bit more tranquility, great bushwalks and limestone caves to explore. Other must-visit waterfalls include Mount Hope and Rarru Waterfalls.

Come Dive with me

The waters surrounding Vanuatu are teeming with marine life and offer some of the best diving and snorkelling experiences in the world. The waters are marine protected and are warm and calm.The SS President Coolidge wreck dive and the underwater post office on Hideaway Island are just two of the unique underwater attractions.

The Ultimate Adventure

Go to for a recommended 14-day itinerary to explore all the hidden gems Vanuatu has to offer. This unforgettable two-week adventure will have you exploring tropical rainforests, swimming beneath hidden cascades; snorkelling with turtles; hiking up active volcanoes and soaking up the ancient customs of a resilient and beautiful culture.




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