Moustaches on the up as NZ men embrace facial hair trends


Moustaches on the up as NZ men embrace facial hair trends

The growing of ‘iso-scruff’ has evolved into NZ men embracing new beard and facial hair trends, says a new survey.

While top NZ hairstylists are reporting we’re now more keen to go with our natural hair texture after letting our styling practices relax in 2020, the results of a new survey suggests the same is true for facial hair. 

A larger amount of time spent at home over the past year has meant we’ve become more familiar with our natural hair texture, so instead of smoothing it down with product, straightening out curls or putting them in with a hot styling tong, we’ve become more comfortable with a ‘wash and wear’ approach.

The results of a new survey say that while Kiwi men similarly embraced relaxing their grooming routine by growing their facial hair longer than before, this year they’ll pay more attention to styling it as well as trying new approaches, with the moustache emerging in popularity.

With the World Beard and Moustache Championships expected to be held in Auckland this March but postponed until 2023, there’s plenty of time for new devotees to get growing. 

The Survey commissioned by Bulldog Skincare for Men and conducted independently by Pureprofile polled 500 Kiwi men aged 18-65 across the country. It was intended to gauge how Kiwi men’s grooming habits changed in 2020 as well as which facial hair styling trends we might expect this year. 

The results show more than half of New Zealand men (52%) surveyed admitted to shaving less in 2020, while 31% said they let their facial hair ‘go a bit wild’. 












Boar & Blade barbershops owner, Hohepa Rutene.

Hohepa Rutene, who owns Boar & Blade barbershops in Auckland and Wellington, says the results aren’t surprising, but this year facial hair will be far less of an afterthought. 

“While iso-scruff [facial hair grown during and following 2020’s lockdowns] is likely to stick around into 2021, we’ll see the novelty of really long and unruly facial hair wear off. Guys will begin paying more attention to their beards, keeping them shorter, cleaner and tidier.”

Results of the survey reflect the global movement for embracing a full beard, while the moustache is also no longer restricted to charity growing endeavour Movember, but now an appealing option year-round. 

A tidier 2021

41% of men said they are planning to groom their face more and tidy up their facial hair with 13% indicating they would try a moustache this year. 

“2020 was a tough year,” explains Rutene. “To lighten the mood, 2021 will be about fun and experimentation when it comes to grooming and shaving. We’re already seeing guys embrace the moustache in all its glory, a trend which will continue this year.”

The regional results of the survey suggest Christchurch men favour a clean shaven look while Wellingtonians aren’t afraid of rocking a shadow of stubble while Aucklanders were most likely to try a moustache. 

With significant recent growth in skincare and grooming options for men, it’s not surprising Kiwi men are more open to caring for their complexions, with one quarter of men (25%) planning to reboot their skincare regime and use more male grooming products including moisturiser and face wash on a more regular basis according to the survey.


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