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Missing the kids

Missing the kids

Editor-in-chief Michael McHugh discusses the difficulty of being apart from family members during a global pandemic and the importance of keeping in touch.

Missing the kids

Like you our lives have been turned upside down. We are experiencing and talking about things we have never talked about before. Here at MiNDFOOD, we are now all working from home with MiNDFOOD staffers in different parts of the city and even in different countries. Every morning we chat to each other, often by video, and check in about deadlines and how different parts of the business are going. We also chat about how we are feeling about things. Our talk is often about the latest findings around COVID-19 … then it slides into how we are keeping busy or what is happening in our households that day. Our families, like yours, are so important. As we talk about finding things to do during the lockdown, our conversations become wide and varied: discussions often turn to what we are making, watching online or a new cleaning innovation someone has discovered.

We launched MiNDFOOD in the middle of the global financial crisis over 12 years ago, and have weathered many big and small storms along the way. This crisis requires an entirely new perspective around innovation, fast thinking and creativity. Even though Michelle and I are together, our three children are all in different countries – something I don’t like. Lillian is in New Zealand, Dorothy is in London and Henry is in Sydney. I really do wish they all were home with us. And like you, if you’re in a similar position, we are not sure when we will see each other again; which may sound a little dramatic, but unfortunately that is the case.

We call at least once a day and catch up. I miss them, and as a parent sometimes feel woefully inadequate that we aren’t all together; but completely understand why. Particularly at this time, I keep thinking of what the three of them were like as small children growing up and how protective we were of them. I still feel extremely protective and am frustrated that we aren’t all in one place. I want them close. This time will eventually pass and we will reunite. Are you missing your loved ones? Reach out and make sure you stay in touch and let them know how you are feeling.

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