LVMH Hits Pause On Rihanna’s Fenty Fashion Line

Her Fenty Beauty makeup line and Savage x Fenty lingerie line continue to perform like the pop star at the peak of her singing career, but Rihanna’s foray into high fashion with the LVMH-backed Fenty Fashion brand has proven more of a fizzer, folding a mere two years after it launched.

With major consumer markets around the globe including the US and the UK facing another year of lockdowns and social distancing requirements, bad luck could be blamed for the brand’s failure to take off, and for both parties’ pragmatic decision to pull the plug early and keep losses to a minimum. But fashion commentators are also ruminating on whether Rihanna’s target audience was the right one to tap for such an ambitious endeavour.

Says Business of Fashion’s Robert Williams, “Even before Fenty’s 2019 launch, Rihanna had expressed concern that the label’s high prices could alienate her sprawling fanbase. LVMH agreed to price items at a lower markup than for its luxury ready-to-wear brands, but they remained a stretch for the vast majority of her audience. At the same time, the concern over pricing caused the brand to favour simple construction and materials, resulting in items that were cheaper than Dior, but hardly as desirable.

‚ÄúMeanwhile, the cohort of luxury shoppers who had emulated Rihanna‚Äôs trademark style ‚ÄĒ mixing Dior and Saint Laurent with Off-White, Y/Project and Jacquemus ‚ÄĒ kept on buying from those brands. Wanting to wear the same things as Rihanna and buying them from Rihanna, it turned out, were just not the same thing.‚ÄĚ

The news is not all bad. Proof of the luxury fashion conglomerate‚Äôs agility and dedication to innovation and the diversification of its portfolio, LVMH this week confirmed a US $115 million investment in Savage x Fenty, commenting that it remained committed to supporting the ‚ÄėFenty eco-system‚Äô, and was not ruling out reviving Fenty Fashion if and when conditions improve.

Makers’ Mrkt Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With V Day just around the corner, we ask Kelly Thompson – the woman behind our favourite art, homeware and lifestyle destination, Makers’ Mrkt – for her ultimate loved-up gift ideas.¬†

I know that Valentine’s day can induce eye-rolls for all, but deep down we all secretly hope that someone, a lover, a crush or a friend will take the time to think of us and do something to make us feel special. At Makers’ Mrkt¬†Valentine’s Day isn’t a cheesy day, it’s a day to celebrate your loves, no matter what category they fit into. Main tip – ditch the thoughtless cliches, receiving a giant teddy bear in a restaurant is cute for a minute, but then you’re the chick carrying the giant bear and the following year some kid is picking him out at the Salvation Army…true love, I think not.


1. Firstly, we can’t forget the boys, they’re usually a little more practical so get them something that will make their every day better,¬†not just Valentine’s Day. Why not bring him breakfast in bed with a morning tea or coffee in a new Gidon Bing¬†Coffee Percolator and matching cup, then every day following, as he makes his morning coffee he will look at the percolator and think of that romantic breakfast in bed, awww.


2. How about a modern, design-focused twist on a rose with the Andrej Urem Rose candle. They make beautiful stand-alone objects if you choose not to burn them, but also set the mood with a burn time of 60 hours.


3.¬† Alison Willoughby gift cards – Sometimes a thoughtful love note means so much more than the most extravagant gift. These cards by Melbourne base Alison Willoughby are contemporary, unisex and free of all the Valentine’s Day cheese.

4.¬† Inspired by the female form, The Abs Objects¬†Woman Vase¬†is a Makers’ Mrkt¬†exclusive in Australasia and is handmade by Avi in Tel Aviv. The best interiors are those that¬†get filled over time, a collection of memories from travels and adventures, I love the idea of gifting a ceramic or artwork or something that someone will keep forever. Add a single stem flower and a note and this is a beautiful gift.

5. If you’re looking for something extra special and also somewhat symbolic, the Kerryn Levy¬†Asymmetry Pair¬†is a one-off piece, made by hand in Adelaide. I just love how the organic forms mould with each other and can stand as a pair or be split as unique vessels. That’s you, and your love represented in clay right there!

6. If you’re going to do jewellery do it right, shop from a maker with ethical production using quality materials. If you’re gifting something, you don’t want to be gifting something made by an unhappy worker, that can’t be good romance juju! Flash Jewellery was originally started in NZ and is now based in Byron Bay and every single piece is made by hand¬†by a manufacturer who¬†is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).¬†Nina’s designs are contemporary and can be worn¬†every day¬†and now come in 14K Vermeil. I love this¬†Leisure Chain¬†bracelet.

7. Sometimes it’s not about the gift but about the experience, cook dinner, enjoy some wine and snuggle up on the couch together. Would recommend switching off the lights and setting the mood with a set of Table for Two¬†candles, or maybe a few sets around the house for full romantic ambience!

A day to celebrate love and companionship is what we need more than ever right now, the most important thing is to take five and think about the person you love or want to celebrate. Do something that will make them feel special and seen and then reap the rewards as you bask in their love and smiles for the rest of the day, Valentine’s Day gifting is a win-win for all and not to be discounted as just another cheesy commercial day.