Kiwi classic cookbook, Edmonds, releases their first-ever te reo Māori cookbook

Kiwi classic cookbook, Edmonds, releases their first-ever te reo Māori cookbook
Learning the beautiful language of te reo Māori just got a whole lot tastier and more accessible, thanks to a delightful new addition to the culinary world.

Iconic Kiwi brand Edmonds has unveiled its first-ever te reo Māori cookbook, “Edmonds Taku Puka Tohutao Tuatahi,” a delightful adaptation of the much-loved and best-selling “Edmonds My First Cookbook.”

In collaboration with partners Kotahi Rua Pukapuka Trust and renowned publisher Hachette, this savoury masterpiece is now in bookstores around New Zealand. 

The cookbook is thoughtfully crafted to be a joyful, easy-to-follow guide that supports both tamariki (children) and adults on their journey to comprehend and confidently speak te reo Māori.

It ingeniously employs everyday nouns and verbs, making it an invaluable resource for those embracing the renaissance of te reo Māori. Moreover, it aims to bring friends and whānau (family) together for the delightful preparation and shared enjoyment of kai (food).

Completely written in te reo Māori, the cookbook features an English glossary to assist readers in understanding and embracing the language.

Behind this culinary treasure are remarkable individuals dedicated to making it a reality. Kirsten Holtz, a Kiwi cook with an impressive culinary pedigree, has created seven new recipes for the cookbook, including Parāoa Parai (Māori Fried Bread) and Pihikete Whetū (Star Biscuits). Dr. Jen Martin, renowned for her expertise, handled the translation, ensuring the cookbook’s linguistic authenticity. Expert editor Stephanie Fong thoughtfully provided whānau with all the relevant cooking terms to foster the use of te reo Māori in the kitchen. 

Edmonds’ “Taku Puka Tohutao Tuatahi” te reo Māori cookbook is not just a culinary adventure but also a celebration of language, culture, and the joy of sharing meals with loved ones. As te reo Māori experiences a resurgence and more New Zealanders embrace this linguistic treasure, this cookbook stands as a delightful and educational companion for all ages.

So, whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring cook, get ready to embark on a flavourful journey through the world of te reo Māori with Edmonds’ latest creation, as you whip up delectable dishes and savor the richness of language and culture, one bite at a time.


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