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Kate Winslet: ‘What the f*** was I doing?’

Image via REUTERS/Luke Macgregor

Kate Winslet: ‘What the f*** was I doing?’

Kate Winslet has had an incredible career. From the 'Titanic' to 'The Holiday', we have laughed and cried as we have watched her on the big screen.

Kate Winslet: ‘What the f*** was I doing?’

However a stellar career in Hollywood doesn’t come without regrets, and Winslet has admitted she ‘regrets’ working with shamed directors Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.

Speaking frankly, as we have come to expect from Winslet, the 44 year old, said she has always set out to create a ‘decent example’ for women in the industry.

‘It’s unbelievable to me now how those men were held in such high regard, so widely in the film industry and for as long as they were. It’s f***ing disgraceful. And I have to take responsibility for the fact that I worked with them both.

Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet pose at the premiere of the “The Holiday.”

Winslet starred in Woody Allen’s 2017 film, ‘Wonder Wheel’ and Polanski’s 2011 movie with Jodie Foster and John C. Riley ‘Carnage’.

‘I can’t turn back the clock. I’m grappling with those regrets but what do we have if we aren’t able to just be f***ing truthful about all of it?’ the star said.

Like many actresses, Winslet has taken time over the last few months to reassess many parts of her life. She admits she is keen to cut down her hours in the sky and not fly as much. As well as start recycling red carpet looks. She questions the waste of money and ever mounting pressure on the environment, claiming it was better to use the money to build classrooms.

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