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Judy Bailey’s Connected Living life hacks

Judy Bailey’s Connected Living life hacks

Former news anchor Judy Bailey has plenty of projects on the go and, as she explains, Samsung’s innovative products make her life much easier.

Judy Bailey’s Connected Living life hacks

Automation and connectivity are increasingly helping us to save time and achieve more in our daily lives. What Connected Living technology do you use in your living spaces?

I leave notes on the Family Board of the Samsung Family Hub fridge, as well as use the Meal Planner app to find recipes and create shopping lists. And my grandkids love to use the whiteboard function for drawing. They’ve also come up with a game, which they find hilarious. They set the alarm on the Family Hub fridge while we’re having dinner, wait until it goes off and then get up from the table to dance around the kitchen to the music coming from the alarm. I’ve actually had to disable the alarm to get them to eat their dinner!

My husband, Chris, and I have a selection of family photos from recent holidays on rotation on both the Samsung Family Hub fridge and the Samsung Frame TV. This is one of our favourite features of both appliances.

Samsung’s Connected Living range allows us to enhance many aspects of our home life, from productivity, to security, to health, to family connection and much more. How has Connected Living improved your home life?

We not only use Samsung’s products in our kitchen and in the home, but on the go, too.

I own a Samsung Galaxy Note and having my smartphone communicate with the other technology in my home, such as my TV, fridge and even my washing machine, creates a seamless experience I never thought would be so useful!

This year, most of us have spent more time at home than ever due to the lockdown. How did technology and automation help you throughout this period?

The Samsung QuickDrive washing machine and Samsung QuickDrive dryer worked overtime as we were isolating with our daughter and her three girls. We adults were all working from home, so spent a lot of time on Zoom and WhatsApp via our Samsung smartphones. Having seamless technology so all our devices could ‘talk’ to each other made life so much easier.

What is one smart product that you couldn’t have imagined you would need and now can’t live without?

It’s really handy knowing when the QuickDrive washing machine has finished its cycle. Now that the Frame TV and Galaxy Note are linked to the machine, I get a message when the cycle is done, so I can be more efficient about either hanging it out in the summer or popping it in the QuickDrive dryer. My absolute favourite thing about the washing machine is its AddWash door. I’m always forgetting things for the wash and it’s so easy to just pause the machine and pop in whatever it is I’ve forgotten.

There’s one more thing about the Family Hub fridge that’s pretty special; if you’re at the supermarket and wondering if you’ve got enough wine, you can check the fridge interior from your phone. We’ve done that a few times!

Reflecting on your career in media and how media has changed over the years, how does Connected Living change the way you engage with media at home?

I’ve spent the past few weeks watching a raft of documentaries for a project I am involved with and being able to mirror my computer to the Samsung Frame TV was invaluable. I was able
to watch in style, with perfect picture and sound quality. My husband is a television producer. He was doing post-production on a drama series during lockdown, which involved sound and grading pictures, and the Frame TV made his job so much easier.

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