Japanese hotel offer ‘crying rooms’ for women

By Efrosini Costa

Japanese hotel offer ‘crying rooms’ for women
A Japanese hotel is offering women a chance to cry in comfort and privacy in their specially-equipped 'crying rooms'.

From time to time most of us will have a little cry.

But a hotel in Japan has decided to market itself to women for that exact purpose, allowing them to shed their tears in privacy without fear of witness or regret.

The Mitsui Garden Yotsuya hotel in Tokyo is offering rooms with tearjerker-aids.

Films like Forrest Gump and the South Korean A Moment to Remember, are on offer to help tug on the heartstrings and assist the waterworks.

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A collection of manga comics, recommended by a book seller for their ability to make women cry, are also on hand.

The rooms are also well stocked with high-quality tissues, makeup remover and steam eye masks – to combat puffy eyes.

With an entire floor dedicated to women only, the rooms offer a cosmetics kit, facial steamer, humidified air cleaner and all the equipment for tea time you’ll need.

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So why did the hotel feel the need to provide ‘crying rooms’?

“Crying combats stress,” a spokeswoman for the establishment said.

Health experts agree. According to research, crying is good for you, not only physically but emotionally. Tearing up helps release toxins from the body, bacteria from the eyes and reduce stress levels.

A representative told reporters this service is offered “because Japanese ladies in their 20s-40s are often said to live a life of stress.”

Their website reads “the moment you pass through our entrance you are filled with a feeling of relief.”

This relaxing quality is attributed to “the governing women in charge of planning, design, and construction of the hotel.”

According to the hotel, their “feminine gentleness and sensibility joined with practicality creates balance.”

The special promotion, which is available until August 31, costs 10,000 Japanese yen per night (AU$106).

It’s not the first time a Japanese hotel has offered such a unique concept.

‘Love hotels’ already offer an afternoon delight a day to some 1.4 million Japanese couples.

There are also ‘cuddle cafes’ in which men can sleep alongside women and stroke their hair or stare into their eyes (but that’s as far as the cuddle goes).

Tokyo is also home to many ‘capsule hotels’ which cater to those seeking the cheapest, most efficient use of space possible.

Would you utilise a crying room? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.



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