Inside MiNDFOOD New Zealand, September 2019

By Michael McHugh

MiNDFOOD New Zealand

Cover conundrum 

I’m often asked if the Australia and New Zealand editions have the same cover and contents. They will generally have the same cover – but it’s all in the negotiation between the celebrity and their agent, and anything can change before we finally press the ‘send’ button. This month’s cover was one of those months where we were told we had secured Margot Robbie for both the New Zealand and Australian covers months before, only to be told days before we print that they had changed their minds and now we couldn’t have it for either country.

After much discussion (often at 3am or 4am) our writer in LA, Michele Manelis, saved the Robbie cover for New Zealand – but couldn’t for Australia. This meant in the last few days of our busy deadline we were frantically looking for a celebrity to interview and photos to get sign-off from the celebrity and the agent and the photographer’s agent and the photographer … the list of who has to sign off on a cover these days seems to constantly grow. The subject matter also has to be perfect for you, the MiNDFOOD audience, so it’s not about selecting just anybody. This month Australia has Michelle Williams and New Zealand has Margot Robbie – both fantastic covers and interviews. 

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