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Five minutes with Ian Mune

Ian Mune as Winston Churchill in 'The Audience'. Image: Supplied

Five minutes with Ian Mune

Five minutes with Ian Mune

MiNDFOOD catches up with veteran Kiwi actor, Ian Mune, ahead of his onstage performance of Winston Churchill in the ASB Season of ‘The Audience’.

Speak to the character you play – Winston Churchill – what is he like in ‘The Audience’?

Churchill is 79, post-War Churchill, re-elected for what turns out to be a single term. He is trying to delay the Coronation to aid his re-election. The Royal Family are a part of his heritage and upbringing. He discovers the young Queen is no easy pushover.

How similar/ different are you to Churchill?

I was brought up by a solo Mum in Tauranga during the 40’s and 50’s. I have never sought power, let alone assumed it as my birthright. However, I am an actor, I do my homework and seek to embody my character’s needs, drives, strengths and weaknesses.

How did the role come about for you?

An e-mail. Perhaps arising from my having played Churchill in the past in an American tv movie about D-Day opposite Tom Selleck as Eisenhower. Or perhaps because I’m one of the dwindling cohort of “senior” actors.

Are you a fan of such period dramas as The Queen’ etc.?

Oh, hell, yes! But not when they rewrite history as in the Elizabeth movie.

Have you ever worked with Theresa Healey before?

Don’t think I’ve ever acted with her, but I have directed her, and we had a great time working together on an improv-based movie that never got made. I’m really looking forward to being on stage with her in The Audience.

What excites you about this particular production?

Insight! Into the history I have lived through.

The Audience is on from May 8-23 at the ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland.

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