Why Water Should be the Leading Lady in Your Beauty Kit

Why Water Should be the Leading Lady in Your Beauty Kit
The value of water for overall health can't be overstated.

We hear all the time how important drinking water is, but it’s not marketing to say that staying hydrated is crucial to our entire bodies’ health and wellbeing – including the skin.

Technically our largest organ, skin provides cover for internal organs, dealing endlessly with environmental pollutants along with chemical-filled products applied topically. As it copes with constant exposure to toxins, it’s easy to forgive the skin for its physical signs of ageing. In order to best protect and preserve its youthful appearance, we need to look inward.   

Kidneys influence the appearance of skin as they filter fluids in the body. Drinking sufficient water on a daily basis will ensure kidneys function well while keeping skin cells well-hydrated. In Chinese medicine, the skin is viewed as the third kidney.

How To Tell If You Are Hungry Or Dehydrated

Approximately 60% of an adult’s body is composed of water. And the majority of our vital organs are made up of water; our skin is 64% water. Proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients extricated from food are metabolised and transported throughout the body by water to feed us.

Toxins in the body can inflame the skin, which can result in acne and clogged pores. But drinking sufficient water will help to ensure those toxins are flushed to help reduce the risk of pimples and ensure clearer, brighter skin.

Helping to regulate the circulatory system with adequate water is also beneficial due to the fact it feeds the hair follicles, which in turn helps stimulate hair growth. If your hair is feeling dull and lacklustre, it may be time to refill your glass.

Aim for six to eight glasses a day, and add in lemon or cucumber slices for some natural flavour and added nutrition.



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