How to Work Green into Your Living Space This Season

If you love green as much as the STYLE team does, you’ll be happy to know that it’s never been easier to invite the fresh shade into your living space.

Rich shades of emerald and teal are the go-to this season. Lush velvets and exquisite textures give extra depth and dimension to shades of green. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold prints and team with ever-popular blush hues.

Discover some of our favourite pieces below.

Clever ways to use mirrors in your space

If the change in season is making your home feel a little dark and gloomy, think about adding a mirror to open up your space and reflect light.

Mirrors are one of the handiest décor items in the home, not only do they add style to a space they are also multifunctional. Mirrors can make a space feel bigger, can be positioned to reflect light, and can also connect different areas of the home.

They can be a permanent fixture, such as a mirror splashback or mirrored wall, or can be wall-hung or freestanding and easily moved.

When positioning your mirror, always consider what it will be reflecting. Light, plants or a favourite artwork are all great reflections, the neighbour’s bins or a cluttered table are not.

Size also matters when it comes to mirrors. Oversized mirrors can be used in a small area, like a hallway or small entrance to create the illusion of added space.

Small mirrors can also work well as part of a gallery wall to add visual interest, or to reflect something specific like an artwork. Available in a plethora of styles and colours, mirrors can also work as artwork themselves.

Top tip: A large mirror can act as a substitute window in a windowless room.

Discover some of our favourite mirror in the gallery below.