How to thrive: Live your best life with these 6 top tips

How to thrive: Live your best life with these 6 top tips
You can begin to thrive right now, wherever and whoever you are. All you need is a little motivation and some sound advice from an expert in the know.

How to thrive

If you’re reading this, you obviously know what it takes to survive. But do you know how to thrive? We speak to Julia Frances, a certified health and happiness coach, who shares her top tips on how to move from surviving to thriving…

Prioritise Sleep

A decent night’s sleep is the key ingredient to thrive. In order to have your recommended 8 hours of interrupted sleep, be sure to spend 30 minutes winding down before sleep time. Put your phone away from the bed and on flight mode, dim the lights and journal or read. Soothe yourself to sleep with slow deep breaths, this not only calms the mind of thoughts, it sends your body into rest and digest mode which we need, to drift off to dream town.

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Morning Routine

Get up an hour earlier than you need to and create more space to go through your morning paces. Develop some morning rituals such as exercise, a short meditation and sitting down to eat your breakfast mindfully. This can help you to start your day with a calm and less reactive mind and take this state of ease and presence with you into the day.

How to thrive: Morning rituals

Nourish your body

The food we eat sends signals to our body on a cellular level. Put simply, we thrive on real food as close to nature as possible, rather than manufactured processed food. When we eat food that is bursting with nutrients from the sunshine and the earth, on a daily basis, we give our body and mind the best chance to absorb the energy and nourishment that we need to live our best lives.

Get outdoors

Spend time in nature and away from technology, as much as you can. Humans thrive most in our natural environment and a burst of fresh air and contact with the elements can be enough to shift our state to calm, recharged and literally feeling more grounded. Find a park or patch of grass for your lunch break and even take your shoes off, bring nature to you and get yourself a plant for your home and get off the grid on the weekend and soak up nature in the bush or visit the beach.

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How to thrive: Be grateful


Practising mindfulness meditation for 10-20 minutes per day helps us to regulate emotional reactivity and increases joy, confidence and focus. By simply taking some time to sit with your breath and allow your thoughts to pass by without distractions, it helps to feel more present (where life is happening) and practise acceptance, non-judgement, kindness and compassion.

Practice gratitude

Every morning when you wake up, write down 3-5 things you are genuinely grateful for. You see, we are negatively wired for survival, but there is SO much around us to feel grateful for. Once you start appreciating even the small things, your mind goes to work on finding more things to love! Practise gratitude daily and you will be mind blown at just how many more things you can appreciate in your life right now.

How to thrive: Julia Frances


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