How to smoke garlic


How to smoke garlic
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Learn how to smoke garlic at home. This golden brown miracle recipe will help take your favourite dishes to the next level.

Give your recipes that extra yum factor with Smoked Garlic, it goes well in dressings, mashed potatoes and soups. And it’s simple too, just follow this easy how to smoke garlic tutorial.

Recipe: How to smoke garlic

¾ cup orange pekoe tea leaves

150g jasmine rice

100g dark brown sugar

Strips of zest from 1 orange

6 medium garlic bulbs

Vegetable oil, to rub


Line a large wok or frying pan with 6 layers of foil, allowing 12 cm overhang on the edges. Place the tea, rice and brown sugar in the wok and mix to evenly combine.

Rub the cloves with oil. Place the wok over high heat for 6 minutes, or until the tea mixture starts to smoke. Place a small wire rack on top of the tea mixture. Add the bulbs. Cover the wok tightly with foil. Reduce heat to low and smoke the bulbs for 1 hour. Take off the heat and set aside for a further hour.

The cloves will be soft and the skin will be dark brown in colour.

Smoked garlic can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 months. To use, squeeze the cloves from their skin.

Tip: You can use different teas for a different flavour in your smoke mix. You can also add different woody herbs such as rosemary, bay or thyme to the smoke mix.

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