How to grow a bee-friendly garden like Beckham


David Beckham in his Cotswolds garden surrounded by bee hives
David Beckham in his Cotswolds garden surrounded by bee hives
From picking the right plants to keeping fresh water, see the best things you can do to cultivate a bee-friendly garden.

David Beckham’s new docuseries, Beckham, on Netflix has revealed his passion for bee keeping. No doubt DB’s Gold will be on the shelves by Christmas. 

However, creating a bee-friendly garden like Beckham involves designing a space that provides food, shelter, and water for bees. We don’t all have acres of space in the Cotswolds, so how can grow a bee-friendly garden at home?

The most important thing that bees do is pollinate plants so they can reproduce. In fact they pollinate approximately 70 of the 100 or so crop species that feed 90% of the world says Dr Anneke Veenstra from Deakin University.

Some plants are so reliant on bees that they have evolved over time to be more attractive to the insects. They do this by developing their scent and colours to lure them in.

Unfortunately there’s been an extraordinary decline in bee colonies around the world in recent years. This is due to land-use change, intensive agricultural management, pesticide use, environmental pollution and parasites.

There are around 25,000 species of bees worldwide, with many species native to particular countries. Having a bee-friendly garden is one thing you can do to promote native bees.


Tips for cultivating a bee-friendly garden

  • Select flowering plants in a variety of shapes and colours – bees love lavender, forget-me-nots, sunflowers, sage, rosemary and thyme.
  • Avoid insecticides and pesticides as these can be harmful to bees.
  • Keep fresh water nearby – such as a birdbath or small bowl somewhere in your garden.
  • For those wanting to go the next step and start your own hive, beekeeping is a great way to help improve pollination in your garden. Before you start, you must register yourself as a beekeeper and you will also need to check your local council bylaw requirements.


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